Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shoes, shoes, shoes...

I must confess, this morning I was pottering in the business room and selecting (in my mind) some items for my inutero baby - not the first nor the last time that this will happen! There are many things I would like and am constantly having to restrain myself. Alison and baby Emma visited to help pack some orders and thankfully Alison did not restrain herself and so satisfied my cluckyness for yet another day! Emma was quickly put into some beautiful crochet Mary Janes. But seriously, how could you resist these?
I've kept busy this morning whilst my little one was out with his grandparents and have finally updated some stock on the website, Aden and Anais wraps, Vanchi extra large wraps and wrap and hat sets are all restocked and a new range to Handle With Care, Pear and Bear has now started to be put on the website. There is still; as always plenty of stock that needs to be put on the website - it is an incredibly difficult task to keep on top of it all but we are doing our best :-)

But for now that is all from me, a morning of busy business tasks has left me ready for a midday nap!

x heather


  1. Those shoes are adorable Heather

  2. Oh, makes me want to go back & have more babies to fit into those tiny shoes, adorable, love Posie