Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Does not take much...

To excite a pregnant woman!!! I've just been working on some orders for new products for Handle With Care and I came across some new colours that are available in our Itzbeen baby care timer! I am incredibly excited as I must have been living under a rock over the last few months - I have no idea how long these colours have been available!

For those not familiar with this fabulous creation the Itzbeen baby care timer is a wonderful little device developed by 2 sleep deprived parents in the United States. The timer allows you to keep track of your little ones habits without worrying about finding a piece of paper and a pen or a light or clock. This clever little device has it all, a light, a clock, an alarm and buttons to keep track of feeding, nappy changes, sleep an extra button and for the breastfeeding mothers a button for which side you last fed on and it is all lockable to ensure you don't accidently change those timers!

I never had one of these when my nearly 3 year old was a baby, we had an exercise book in the kitchen which we would try to remember to put the information on so we could calculate when he last fed, but I usually woke up in the morning somewhat frazzled and unsure - was it 11.30 or 1.30 or both that I was up before the 3.30 and 5.30 I was also up for! We got our Itzbeen when Hamish was 18 months old, he was sick so I 'renamed' the buttons in alphabetical order, dimetapp, nurofen, panadoland sleep. I've used it a bit with him since and cannot wait to use it in newborn mode in just a few more weeks!

Is the Itzbeen just for babies? No the Itzbeen is very flexible, one of our customers informed us that they had used it in early labour to time contractions! Several people have noted that it would be handy for people on multiple medications, as long as you know which timer is which medication you could use it to assist you in taking them at regular intervals.

So now that the Itzbeen is available in such a great range of colours (and I'm sure we will see more) it has become an even more stylish and very handy device!

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  1. Man, such things weren't around when i started having babies in 1999. Must confess, mine were sleeping 12 hours from 3-5 weeks of age, even the twins, so i was super lucky!! It looks interesting, love Posie