Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Web shopping...so many benefits

I've always been a fan of shopping on the wonderful world wide web. As mothers Alison and I knew that providing our shop online and assistance via email would be extremely valuable to our customers as we knew how useful we have found it since we had children!

This Christmas I really threw myself into internet based shopping. Heading into my third trimester and experiencing all the normal aches and pains that come with pregnancy and a 2.5 year old in tow I wasn't so keen on finding the time to walk around the shops finding gifts. Like many I've appreciated the various store newsletters I have received with the Christmas Sales, and let me tell you I have jumped at the opportunity to buy many gifts as a result!

So what have I purchased? Many things including photo canvases and photo books, personalised kids lunch boxes and drink bottles, clothing and more. My latest purchase was this morning; for some weeks now I have been on the hunt for a backpack for my son. Keen to find something different to the mainstream Disney character bags I have searched all the usual sites and just couldn't find something that grabbed me. That was until a friend reminded me of Penny Scallan! I saw these bags a few months ago and was immediately attracted to them, so when I finally came across the website it just took me a couple of days to decide exactly what I was going to get and the order was placed.

These gorgeous bags are made from lined PVC and are just so cute! There are a number of lines available at Penny Scallan to interested you although I did find the boy prints a little restrictive - but this seems to be the case everywhere so I was not in the least surprised or put off! So I placed my order for a Lunchbox, Kindy bag and Wheelie travel bag in the Blue navy star design. So I am now excitedly awaiting another package in the mail :-) I think the postie might know me on a first name basis soon!

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