Thursday, March 11, 2010

Start with one

I just came across a fabulous website

The concept is simple -every household buys just 1 reusable/washable nappy - one DOES make a difference as everytime it is used that is 1 disposable kept out of landfill.

The website has some great information including 'Nappy Doulas'. Now there is a new concept! The Doula section has some good advice like how to get rid of stains on your nappies and other useful information. Oh and don't forget the 'latest trends in MCN', who would have thought!!!

But really the website does host a good concept and is definitely something to check out!

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Angus

I would like to introduce my second beautiful son, Angus to the Handle With Care family!

x heather

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Market Wrap up and another addition to HWC

Sunday saw another Mathilda's Market come and go, it was a good day. We always have fun at the markets when we are child free and playing amongst many gorgeous products! The new location of the Hyatt hotel was interesting - we discovered that our eftpost facilities couldn't find reception so we couldn't accept card payments (insert frustrated face here).

We did love the big selection of Modern Cloth Nappies which we were able to provide to our interested customers and enjoyed going through these with people throughout the day.

The market wrapped up and Monday saw me birthing my beautiful baby boy into this world! It would seem that 7 hours on my feet at a market certainly does help to send a clear message to the baby that down is the only way out! Angus George made his grand debut after a very quick labour and is absolute perfection (however I *could* be a little biase).

Will be back with more later.

x heather