Sunday, November 15, 2009

A day at the markets

Today Heather and I attended the Mathilda’s Markets in Canberra. What an exciting busy day we have had, so many people! – once again we ask ourselves ‘where did they all come from?’.

As much as we adore our little two year old boys, it’s always nice to leave the house to go and play with all things pretty at the markets. Today we had my little 6 week old Emma accompany us, and she was so well behaved! She certainly put on the perfect baby act, I don’t think people will believe me when I say I am sleep deprived…but really it was nice to have her with us particularly when we apparently bored her somewhat!
One thing contributing to Emma being the perfect baby was Heather’s mum- she cuddled her for most of the markets! Thanks Jan!!

As a stallholder it can be really hard to find the time and mindset to shop and spend at the markets, but this time I managed to do a little shopping and bought this gorgeous soft toy for Emma’s room from Sweet Sista’.

This cute giraffe caught my eye and I had to buy it as it reminded me of Emma’s Aunty Claire who is living over in the UK- her favourite animal is the giraffe and I have no doubt she would love this one too! The girls at Sweet Sista sell all sorts of lovely wares including other really cute animals made from gorgeous fabrics similar to this giraffe. You can see more of their products on their website

Once again, a big hit for us were the myMonkeymoo Pram Liners and Blankets, not surprising given these truly are something special. We have blogged about them before and the opportunities just keep arising, these babies sell themselves!
So we packed up (which is the worst part of going to the markets- a bit like unpacking after a holiday) only to be repacking this week for the Canberra Handmade Market which is just around the corner this coming weekend! EEEK!
We had a good response to our nappies also which is great, each market we go to we get the word out more about the benefits of using cloth nappies, so hopefully we've converted some people.

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