Friday, May 15, 2009

New Products at Handle With Care!!!!!

I'm too excited not to update with some pictures of our new stock!

This week Handle With Care became the first retailer of Woddlebots All In One nappies.

Krystie Bremer is the founder/owner/creator of Woddlebots nappies. Since 2005 Krys has been admiring, purchasing and making her own Modern Cloth Nappies. In late 2006 Woddlebots became available to customers via an online forum, and in 2007 that customer based extended with the opening of her online store. I'm fortunate enough to have met Krys via this online forum in 2005 and so used a number of Woddlebots on my son. I loved the trimness of the nappies and ofcourse the cute factor of them. As Handle With Care is loving our Australian made and handcrafted products we were very excited to get onboard with Woddlebots this week. Although our fluffy mail is yet to arrive I have added the products onto our website so our customers can view and order them. Woddlebots will offer a slightly different AIO option in comparison to our other handcrafted AIO, Bubblebubs and our other brands Baby BeeHinds MagicAll and Bumgenius.

Yesterday I also received a very exciting package from Brusselsprouts. Handle With Care has slowly been extending our clothing range over the last few months with ordering more of the brands we already stock and finding other new and gorgeous ranges to stock. We cautiously ordered some Brusselsprouts clothing and awaited our package, I have to say when I opened the products yesterday I let out an audible gasp. They are just absolutely beautiful. Not only do they compliment our other ranges, Evie la la, Ivy Designs and Tikiboo but they offer something just slightly different to what these other brands do. The classic fabrics and beautifully crocheted and knitted garments are a pleasure to not only the eyes but also your hands.

As with all our brands I cannot wait to do another order and Alison and I have already been selecting some other items that we would love to stock up on. Hopefully in the not too distant future. These items are also up on the website,

Well that is it from me, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Our store will be open tomorrow, Sunday 17th May from 9am until 12 midday and I'm looking forward to seeing a number of customer I know are coming by.

x Heather

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